• Eric and Linda Haggard


Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Do you remember that first moment when you looked, startled, in the mirror and thought, “HOW DID MY FACE GET SO OLD?” Do not despair, we are here to help!

This seems like a question with an obvious answer: “Faces look old because the skin gets saggy and wrinkles get deeper and more numerous.” Such is certainly true. Buy why does this happen?

At first glance the answer to this also seems obvious. If the skin is saggy, it seems that there must be too much skin. So, if that excess skin could be removed the face would, in theory, look younger. This is the approach taken with traditional plastic surgery face lifts. Unfortunately, as you may have seen, the results are often freakish.

The actual answer to why our faces get saggy as we get older is counter intuitive: Over time, we get more wrinkles, creases and saggy skin because, little by little, the underlying soft tissue and bony support structures that held up our face are eroded from within. Think of an old apple as it shrinks and becomes shriveled. The skin of the apple looks excessive because the volume of the apple within has diminished.

The answer of how to regain your youthful appearance is not to remove skin but to add the lost volume back to your face. We do this with the Y Lift and other filler procedures. Our goal is to make you look like you . . . only younger.

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Remember, it’s never too late to look younger.

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