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Helpful information on the Y-Lift experience, from our patients... to you.

Have you always wondered, from a patient's perspective, what the process of a Y-Lift is like? We compiled this from our patient's to help you understand the process.


The Y-Lift is an incredible procedure that literally rebuilds your face from the inside out based on your unique facial bone structure. The process of aging erodes both the soft tissues and the facial bones that hold up the face. As these underlying structures erode, the face collapses and looks “old”; with saggy jowls, deep facial creases and hollow cheeks.

Your Y-Lift Practitioner uses the natural Hyaluronic based Voluma and Juvederm fillers to return your face to a more youthful appearance. How long will it last? With no additional treatments the Y-Lift usually lasts 2-3 years. With a refreshing procedure every 12-19 months the Y-Lift can last indefinitely.

The advantages to using these types of fillers is that more can be added as needed and, in the event that a little excessive was added, the excess can be dissolved with a safe enzyme, Hyaluronidase.


Read through your Y-Lift After Care Instructions carefully. Be aware that you cannot use make-up or facial creams for 48 hour post procedure, etc. Because the structurally enhancing fillers are placed under the chewing muscles, these jaw muscles will be very sore for a few days. Plan on eating foods that do not require strong chewing for 24-48 hours.


The Y-Lift is infinitely less invasive that plastic surgery. There is no skin cutting, sutures, anesthesia, downtime or superficial bruising. Having said that, the Y-Lift is a very intense procedure. It needs to be this way to rebuild your facial structure using you cheek and jaw bones.

Be advised that some painful needle insertions and heavy facial pressures are involved to do the procedure correctly. If you know these are coming, they will be easier to handle.

Try to breathe and relax. Your Y-Lift team will do everything possible to make you as comfortable as possible. Appreciate that your wonderful results will far outlast the temporary discomfort inherent in the procedure.


Please follow the Post-Op Care Sheet guidelines carefully. You can expect your jaws to be stiff and your cheeks to feel puffy for a few days.

A cold pack or ice cup used intermittently for 1-2 days, starting immediately post procedure, really helps bring down the swelling and pain. If Ok’ed by your medical Practitioner, Aleve or Advil is helpful too.

  • NOTE: It is important that you come back in to the Clinic the next day to have your Practitioner or Practitioner Assistant massage your face to help decrease swelling and more evenly distribute the filler. You will feel better after this. Know also that it takes a few days for the post-procedure swelling to recede and a few weeks more for the filler to set in fully. After that, you will look like you, only younger.

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