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Making the Most of your MediSpa & Wellness Moments!


1. The first step to getting great MediSpa results starts with a Comprehensive Evaluation from a trained MediSpa Practitioner who will listen to all of your facial concerns and map out a course of treatment for you so you can reach your goals.

Once you have a roadmap to MediSpa success, you can plan out how quickly you want to achieve your desired results, contingent on your priorities and budget. The goal of a MediSpa is to help you love your face and body.

2. A second and crucial secret to MediSpa success is to work with a Medical Practitioner who is highly trained in Medical Aesthetics.

Working with an inexperienced or unskilled Practitioner in facial injections is guaranteed to bring you unsatisfactory results. Fillers and Botox are only as good as the Practitioner using them. A great injector may cost a little more, but the alternative of saving a few bucks and then having to live with a face that looks worse than when you started is a very poor choice.

We are your MediSpa & Wellness core team: Linda and Eric Haggard

3. The third secret is to do all you can within your budget (or finance the rest with Lending USA) to achieve the results you are looking for.

Even a pricey MediSpa procedure, such as the Y-Lift, costs a fraction of what a plastic surgery would cost. Do any given procedure completely, even if you have to sequence the different components of your MediSpa Plan (lips, eyebrows, double chin, etc.) over time. A responsible MediSpa Practitioner will not you do a half way procedure. You cannot nickel and dime your way to great results.

4. The fourth MediSpa secret to getting great results is to be clear about what you want and the look you are going for.

Resist the temptation, for example, of going for DD lips if your face can only stay balanced with C sized lips. Don’t let anyone talk you into a look you may not like in 6 months. When in doubt, go for a classic look.

5. The last MediSpa secret is to try to relax and try to have fun with the whole procedure.

This is not plastic surgery. MediSpa procedures are designed to soften over time. Can you imagine having unchanging lumpy plastic fillers in your face as the rest of your face changes over time? Everything organic changes and needs to be refreshed periodically. Like eating well and exercising, tuning up your face is not a one shot deal. The good news is that if you get a little booster work done occasionally, you can maintain your youthful appearance over time.

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