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Bringing Your Best To Your MediSpa Experience, Brings Our Best


1. Failing to get a comprehensive MediSpa Evaluation of your facial needs and the full range of options available. This evaluation needs to be done by someone who is trained to spot medical “red flags” that could impact your course of treatment. For example, tell your Medical Provider if you have a history of scarring or herpes.

2. Not being clear about your MediSpa related needs and desires. What facial features would you like to be different? Are those desires realistic? How much would it cost to make those changes? How should they be prioritized and sequenced? Ask to see before and after pictures of other patient’s with your conditions/concerns. Also, is the “style” of the work done by your prospective practitioner in alignment with your desired results? Some clinics, like ours, favor a natural look. Others, produce the extreme results that have given the fillers and Botox a bad name.

3. Failing to go to experienced Medical Aesthetics Practitioner for your evaluation and to actually do the Medical treatments on your face. According to recent studies, laser facial treatments done by under-qualified technicians account for the bulk of negative and sometimes disastrous MediSpa face outcomes. Also, avoid doing laser procedures if you are tanned or of dark skin; you can be seriously burned.

4. Going for Groupon and other “super deals” on Botox, etc. that seem too good to be true. Botox needs to be reconstituted with sterile water before use. Some unscrupulous practitioners’ have been known to water down their Botox or use inferior product.

5. Trying to do too much with too little. Your Medical Provider will give you an estimate of the investment needed for you to get the facial results you are looking for. A great Provider will know how to combine treatments to give you the best face for the money. Doing any job half way will leave you with unsatisfactory results and waste your money. Better to save up and do it right or use a finance company like Lending USA to get the face you want and still fit your budget.

We look forward to giving you our best towards the results you dream of!

We are Linda and Eric Haggard, your core Sedona MediSpa & Wellness Team!

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